New Book Published 5th Aug 2015

Book Cover Front

Intended for: Electro Technical Officers and Marine Engineers on commercial ships preparing for Certificate of Competency Examinations.
Based on STCW 2010 guidelines (w.e.f. 01 Jan '12), the material within has been prepared.
The question bank with answers at the end of the book will serve as a ready reckoner.
More than 400 relevant figures also include photographs.
Written in 11 chapters, the topics flow from basics to more complex systems. They are as follows:
‒ Electrical Safe Working Practice
‒ The Practical Aspects of Electrical Circuits
‒ Electronic Components
‒ Alternators, Switchboards and Switchgear
‒ Starters and Control Equipment for Motors
‒ Miscellaneous Systems
‒ Explosion Proof Equipment
‒ Automation and Instrumentation
‒ High Voltage Safety and Switchgear
‒ Questions and Answers for Competency Exams
‒ Interpretation of Relevant SOLAS Regulations
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