New Book “Its For You Mihi”



Author: Md. Asif

Have you ever fought for a friend who was bashed badly while running nude on the way?
Have you ever climbed up a building through a mango tree, just for getting her glimpse?
Do you have a romantic girlfriend who follows your words as that of the God?
Have you ever surprised your girlfriend on the bank of a pond outside the town at 12 am?
Have you ever traveled around 1000 km for a girl who broke up with you around 270 days ago?
Have you ever got caught stealing diary of your berth mate in a train?
Have you ever gone under so much influence of a trauma that you tried to attempt a suicide?
How would you react when the reason of that trauma proves to be a fake one?

Its for you MIHI will take you the journey filled with such overwhelming love story where the pit of your stomach will be scaked by all the emotions known to human world. Your skin will be filled with goose bumps and as you will feel the joys and sorrows you will eventually become the invisible part of this romantic saga. Lets join Asif in his encounter with the love of his life and the listless experiences that came along with the package.

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