New Novel “Tangy Orange”


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Author: Anjali Vaswani Garg

The story revolves around a young girl Anjali MIttal, who is the star of the college, the ultimate diva. Fame followed her at every point. With Mittal surname and daughter of a rich business tycoon her every dream turned into reality. Her life revolved around his dad, his nurse and his bunch of friends whom she stated her gang. Shaan her best friend was deeply in love with her silently.  It was yet another year of school when she met Aryan , a new guy in school. She fell in love with him. However the guy turned villainsh and used her for her looks and beauty when she came to know that she is suffering from rare breast cancer. Ditched by Aryan and defeated by breast cancer she was all broken. This time Shaan came to her rescue.It was then she realized the actual meaning of love.  She realized that love doesn’t mean to have a beautiful partner but a partner who cares for you at any given point. Anjali then fights all odds and at last fought cancer to live life with her true love.