Shakespeare’s Secret Knowledge – English Literature’s secret Renaissance playwright

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Shakespeare owned secret knowledge – of course he did, you don’t get to be the best writer in the history of English Literature, not to mention the greatest playwright in the whole of that heady period the Renaissance without encountering grand adventure and being subsumed by the most profound historical religious experience possible.

In Shakespeare’s case, it’s because another Renaissance playwright actually wrote his plays. For sure, because he’s the writer who acquired the secret knowledge, he’s the one who’s undergone the sublime religious experience, and he’s the playwright who now finds himself up to his neck in adventure, even in subterranean tunnels whose shelves of books seemingly talk to him as he passes through the underground interior.

Fiction historical it all may be, but once the story of this Renaissance man and playwright is told, the story of English Literature will never be the same again, for the acquisition of secret knowledge is naturally a profound religious experience also, and the playwrights who rule the Renaissance stage with its watching man will turn it into one of the greatest adventures ever recorded. Shakespeare’s secret knowledge is thus the world’s, but is the world ready to discover Shakespeare’s true identity?

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