The Dark Romance


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Author: Ankit Gusain

This is a story of two lovers caught up in the narrow minded attitude of village thinking. Superstition and dark spirits that the villagers believe in add their bit in making their life a living hell. The lovers, Priya and Ashu, meet cladestinely and their love develops and grows for each other. Things begin to go well for them but then things take a dark twist. This dark twist is the main suspense of the story when the lovers get trapped in the cluthes of the deity and evil powers. Ashu does everything in his power to get Priya, the love of his life, out of this darkness. But her family is out to get his blood. Will Ashu ashu and Priya ever be able to get out of the cluthes of the darkness and the evil that has over shadowed their lives? Will the family and the villagers’ overcome their superstition, their old fashioned thinking and allow the two lovers to find their happiness? Or will the dark romance never find the light of day.

This is not one of those run-of-the-mill love stories flooding the bookstands. A different concept with the flavour of love. A perfect dose of thrill, horror and suspense for the readers of any age who do like to read something different.