The World’s Richest Authors

How much can an author make? That question comes up a lot, and the answer varies greatly — like, from about $0 (or even losing money) to millions of dollars. Writing is a career in which it is notoriously difficult to achieve success.

Here are the 10 richest authors in the world (Based on Forbes 2017 List)

1 JK Rowling (UK) – $95m
2 James Patterson (US) $87m
3 Jeff Kinney (US) $21m
4 Dan Brown (US) $20m
5 Stephen King (US) $15m
6 John Grisham (US) $14m
7  Nora Roberts (US) $14m
8 Paula Hawkins (UK) $13m
9 EL James (UK) $11.5m
10 Danielle Steel (US) $11m
10 Rick Riordan (US) $11m

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